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Take the challenge and Win Two Months FREE Membership

Lose the fat! Every two months we run a 2% challenge where the aim is to lose 2% body fat or more through bootcamp workouts, food diary and nutritional support.

At the end of the 2 month challenge the person who has lost the most body fat wins 2 months unlimited bootcamp use!

Fitness Challenge! Every month at bootcamp we have a different fitness challenge designed to help you improve a separate area of your fitness.

Anyone can take part, and there is no extra cost with these challenges. We often practice the exercises during our bootcamp workouts and give you tips on how to improve. There is also a small prize for the winner!

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We cater for all fitness levels.
A beginner? We will ease you in to exercise gently and you will see a transformation in your body shape! Already fit and strong? Come along and really challenge yourself and watch your body become fitter and stronger than ever before!

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